Tips for Traveling in a COVID-19 Era

Do not let COVID-19 stop you from enjoying your travels; but you will have to prepare accordingly.

Gone are the days when booking a plane ticket and planning a vacation was as simple as picking dates and planning activities. Now we have to consider where we want to go and allow ample time for quarantine before vaccation even begins. This is because many destinations are now requiring a COVID-19 test and quarantine period upon arrival. Some destinations are requiring anywhere from 3-14 days of quarantine upon arrival. This is important to know in advance so that you can take this into account when requesting days off from work.

To make matters complicated, the type of testing accepted at destinations are not always the same as the testing required by the airline. This likely means that you will have to arrange for 2 different COVID-19 tests as you prepare for your departure. 

I recommend clarifying with your airline and destination the following:

  • What type of COVID-19 test is acceptable? Some destinations want to see a PCR test whereas others are looking for an antibody test.
  • What type of sample do you accept for a COVID-19 test? Some airlines are requiring a nasal swab whereas other destination are requiring a blood or saliva sample.
  • How long are the results valid before? Many require tests to be within the 72 hour window before boarding a plan and/or arriving at the destination.
  • Organizing your COVID-19 tests to make sure they meet airline and destination requirements is likely going to be the most challenging part. Even with COVID-19 vaccines rolling out slowly to the public, I still recommend thinking about ways to protect yourself during traveling.

    Make sure your immune system is equipped with the micronutrients it neeeds to stay strong. Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and a variety of B vitamins are good to have handy when traveling. I also recommend IV nutrient therapy a few days prior to traveling to get a therapeutic dose of micronutrients.

    We offer COVID-19 testing and IV therapy so feel free to contact us if you need help with any of this. Happy traveling!


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