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Free 15 Minute Consultation


Insurance Coverage
  • Insurance Coverage

    Payments for services are due at the time services are rendered, including for products and labs not specifically covered by insurance.

    • Cash
    • Check
    • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
    • Health Saving Accounts
  • Insurance Reimbursement

    Your insurance plan will probably not list Naturopathic Physicians as providers, but reimbursement may be possible. Naturopathic Physicians are covered by most PPO plans as Out-of-Network physicians. For your information Medicare does not cover Naturopathic Medicine.

    As a service to our patients, Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic will provide all patients with a super bill providing a summary of services rendered, diagnoses and charges applied. This can be submitted to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

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