Postpartum Depression

Dr. Kimberly Wright, NMD

Postpartum depression (PPD) affects more than one in seven women, keep in mind statistics show it’s closer to 3.5 times that number as many suffer in silence. I start with the cold hard facts, to ensure that you know you are not alone. Think about it this way, as you wait in line at the store buying that endless supply of diapers, more than 50 percent of the new moms around you are experiencing those baby blues. Read on to find out ways to navigate the adventures of motherhood.

The Model of Perfection: As a naturopathic physician we stand by our belief of treating the root cause of suffering, so why do women commonly feel depressed after bringing a little miracle into this world? Living in the era of social media we can research and view other new moms’ experiences, sadly this sets into motion the false idea of perfection. I call this phenomenon “My Baby Never Poops”. The antidote to this: write down at least 5 DAILY successes as a mother. It can be as small as feeding your newborn, waking up with them throughout the night, burping them, changing their diaper and the list goes on and on!

Self- Care: The other root cause of PPD stems from the fact you are a selfless superhero, that puts your own needs on the backburner to care for your newborn. It is OKAY to be selfish sometimes, in fact it is encouraged!

Taking care of yourself gives you the patience required to raise a tiny human. Below are some simple self-care ideas:
● Journal your motherhood successes
● Go on a date with you (dinner/movie etc)
● Read a fun article/book (NOT related to motherhood)
● Karaoke in the shower
● Sip a cup of coffee/tea ALONE in the morning, basking in the smell and the taste
● Download a free app that interests you (I really like Intellect – has daily mind/body workshops)
● Add selfcare into your weekly calendar
● Re-decorate a space/wall/whatever you have time for

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