In the high stress, fast paced world that we live in colds and flu’s are inevitable. I would even argue that it’s a good exercise for the immune system to fight off a cold once or twice a year. Both of these infections are common and do not respond to antibiotics. That’s begs the question, what can a person do to help recover as soon as possible from these common virus’ and get back to a normal routine   

The good news is that many naturopathic clinics, including the Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic are well equipped to handle most of your cold and flu concerns.  One of the best treatment options we offer is called a Myer’s Intravenous Cocktail, otherwise known as a Myer’s Cocktail or a nutrient IV. These vitamin infusions have been used for decades amongst those in the naturopathic community to help with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.  Although they were originally used to treat asthma and migraine headaches, they have been shown to be beneficial for those suffering from upper respiratory infections and helping to prevent and treat the flu.  So just what is in a Myer’s Cocktail?  They contain high doses of B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, and more depending on the case.  All of these vitamins and minerals combine to increase metabolism and detoxification, as well as ramp up your body’s immune system to speed up recovery time.

Dr. Rory Sears at the Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic has had tremendous success treating a myriad of acute illnesses using Myer’s IV Cocktails. This flu season is particularly bad, as there have been many cases of the flu lasting up to three weeks long.  This year, to help prevent the flu or reduce the severity of your illness, come try out a Myer’s IV Cocktail at the Phoenix Anti-Aging Clinic!

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