The Benefits Of PRP

PRP isn’t just for your fine lines and wrinkles, it can even help with chronic joint pain! Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a component of your blood…when the blood is separated into layers, the middle golden layer of blood plasma is rich with platelets and growth factors. When injected into a joint or ligament, these growth factors help promote tissue healing, even in injuries that are years old!

PRP regenerates tendon and muscle function by activating local stem cells in the area, enabling collagen and connective tissue repair. It also inhibits excess inflammation and cell death, a win-win for you – why not use your own body to regenerate a site of injury?

Do you have an old injury that is now causing you chronic pain? We would love to help you find relief! Schedule a free 15 minute consult to find out more!

Watch Dr. Stein’s interview with Dr. Nagallo here.

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