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If you aren’t sure about a diagnosis your doctor’s given you, or you’re worried about whether you really need to undergo the invasive surgical procedure they’re recommending, you can put your mind at rest by getting a second opinion. The experienced naturopathic physicians at Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic have considerable skills in providing considered and comprehensive second opinions for patients in Phoenix, Arizona, who need to be sure they’re doing what’s best for their health. Call the office today to find out more, or schedule your second opinion appointment online.

Second Opinions Q & A


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What are second opinions?

Getting a second opinion involves seeking another health care professional’s assessment of your diagnosis or treatment when you have concerns about their advice.

When you visit your health care provider, and they diagnose a particular illness or recommend a course of treatment, sometimes you might feel you want a second opinion. This is often particularly true if their diagnosis is for a serious medical condition, or if they’re recommending surgery as a treatment.

On the other hand, you may feel you want a second opinion if your provider can’t give you a definitive diagnosis, or you feel there could be other treatment options available.

Do I have the right to ask for a second opinion?

You have every right to ask for a second opinion, and a reputable provider has no problem with you looking for a second opinion. Doctors do have different approaches to the way they diagnose and treat conditions. Some may prefer to make every effort to address your health problem using conservative approaches before opting for surgery, for example, while others turn to surgery at an earlier stage.

Doctors base their advice on the best available evidence, but that evidence is not always conclusive. That means that there isn’t necessarily one clear, correct choice, as there could be pros and cons to each option. A second opinion also helps when making choices, for example, whether to undergo standard laparoscopic surgery or robotic-assisted surgery.

If you need emergency treatment or time is of the essence in optimizing your recovery, that’s not generally a good time to ask for a second opinion, so if you’re in the emergency room and the ER doctor says you’re having a heart attack, trust their expert assessment.

Are second opinions covered on my health insurance?

You need to check your policy to find out whether it covers second opinions and in what circumstances. Many do, and Medicare, for example, helps to pay for second opinions when they relate to medically necessary treatment.

If you do have to pay for your second opinion, it still may be worthwhile if it ensures you get the best outcomes. The physicians at Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic have considerable experience in providing second opinions for a number of health conditions, and offer a fresh, holistic perspective on your situation, always keeping your best interests at the center of their findings.

During a second opinion session, your physician examines lab results and previous medical records to help in the assessment. They also go through alternative options for treatments with you, all of which takes time, so please note that the free 15 minute consultations offered to new patients aren’t suitable for use when asking for a second opinion.

If you’re concerned about a diagnosis or your recommended treatment plan, call the office or schedule an appointment online for a second opinion.