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PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and stem cell therapies are safe, advanced forms of regenerative medicine that stimulate tissue growth and repair. Experienced naturopathic physician Ashley Stein, NMD, of Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic, in Phoenix, Arizona, provides PRP and stem cell injections for patients who have chronic pain and other musculoskeletal conditions that offer an effective solution even when other therapies aren’t working. Call Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic today to find out more, or book an appointment online.

PRP/Stem Cell Therapy Q & A


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What is PRP and stem cell therapy?

PRP and stem cell therapy are both types of regenerative medicine. PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma, which is a product extracted from blood, and stem cells have the unique ability to turn into other types of cells. 

At Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic, Dr. Stein takes the plasma from your blood, or stem cells either from you or a donor and injects them into your body. The PRP and stem cells help to heal damaged or diseased tissues and promote new tissue growth.

The injections typically don’t cause too much discomfort, although it may depend on the type of nerve endings present at the injection site. If you have any concerns about the injection or aren’t keen on needles, Dr. Stein can give you a topical numbing cream to anesthetize the area.

How does PRP and stem cell therapy work?

PRP and stem cell therapies work by using the body’s healing abilities to stimulate tissue growth. Both PRP and stem cells are entirely natural substances made by the human body, and both contain powerful growth factors that play a key role in tissue growth and repair.

Many patients who have chronic pain conditions or injuries that don’t heal fully are left with ongoing pain and lack of function. Sometimes this is because the tissues didn’t have sufficient blood supply to heal properly, which can happen with connective tissues like ligaments. 

In other cases, the initial healing process simply wasn’t aggressive enough for the type of damage, leaving the tissues weakened. By injecting products like PRP and stem cells directly into the affected tissues, Dr. Stein is kickstarting a new, more intense period of healing that repairs the damage more completely.

Does PRP and stem cell therapy work straight away?

Unlike a steroid or nerve block injection, you won’t feel the improvement straight after your treatment session. However, rather than blocking pain, PRP and stem cell therapy at Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic is addressing the cause of your pain, giving you a longer-term solution to your problem.

It can take several months for your body to use the PRP or stem cells to create new, stronger tissues, just as it would when an injury was healing after the initial trauma. Therefore, the improvement takes place gradually as the new tissues grow.

What conditions can PRP and stem cell therapy treat?

Patients who receive PRP or stem cell therapy report positive results for several types of musculoskeletal injuries and degenerative disorders, including:

  • Joint damage
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle injuries
  • Ligament and tendon injuries

PRP and stem cell therapies are still relatively new treatments, so there’s a lot of research going on to find out what other conditions could benefit from regenerative medicine techniques like these.

To find out more about PRP and stem cell therapy and how it could help you, call Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic today, or book an appointment online.