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Naturopathic practitioners use an approach known as integrative oncology to provide cancer care, using the most effective natural and complementary therapies to give patients the best possible quality of life. Naturopathic physicians Krisel Nagallo, ND, and Kenneth Lashutka, NMD, of Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic, have considerable experience working in close collaboration with conventional health services to provide compassionate care for cancer patients in Phoenix, Arizona. Call the office today to find out how naturopathy can help you overcome cancer, or schedule your appointment online.

Cancer Care Q & A


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What role does naturopathic medicine play in cancer care?

Naturopathic practitioners like Dr. Nagallo and Dr. Lashutka at Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic can play an important part in supporting people who have cancer, using natural and complementary therapies to support conventional cancer treatments.

Many people who receive a cancer diagnosis are anxious to try any type of therapy that could help them, but unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation and fake cures aimed at cancer patients, particularly on the internet. Dr. Nagallo and Dr. Lashutka can guide you towards evidence-based information to ensure you’re using safe, effective natural therapies and not ineffective, unverified treatments.

What naturopathic treatments does cancer care use?

Naturopathy is a field of medicine that works in harmony with conventional cancer treatments rather than attempting to replace them. Dr. Nagallo and Dr. Lashutka work to optimize the health of every cancer patient’s mind and body in all respects, to boost general well-being, and strengthen patients, so they are better able to withstand their cancer treatments. Some of the approaches used at Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Botanical medicine
  • Physical medicine
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Lifestyle counseling

Dr. Nagallo and Dr. Lashutka work with other health care providers like your oncologist to improve your quality of life from diagnosis onwards.

They can provide counseling and support to prepare you for what happens following a cancer diagnosis, and help you cope with the side effects of treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Naturopathic medicine can not only reduce side effects but potentially improve your response to conventional cancer treatments.

Does naturopathic cancer care continue in remission?

Even when you’re in remission or clear of cancer, Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic’s compassionate naturopathic doctors are always there to keep you well and help you stay in the best of health.

Dr. Nagallo and Dr. Lashutka continue to support you when your conventional cancer treatments come to an end, making sure you have everything you need to optimize your recovery. They provide ongoing support concerning nutrition and other lifestyle issues that could impact on your recovery and help you adopt healthy habits to reduce the chances of cancer recurring.

To find out more about the many ways naturopathic medicine can benefit your cancer care, call Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic today, or book an appointment online.